Afterword On “Remembering Sweet Happiness”


This is just a small explanation to the theme of my short story: “Remembering Sweet Happiness”

Have you ever lost something that you’ve always hoped to get back?

This story is my take on the theme of coming to terms with change and facing it as an inevitable trait of reality.

The POV is written in first person so that you’d be able to sympathize with the sentiments of losing something you once had. The protagonist is a person that loses the affinity for something they had once loved dearly in the past. This is similar to the way people are sometimes cast out of their comfortable lives due to incomprehensible circumstances. Yet, by working on those very difficulties that arise, one may find themselves closer to reacquiring that sought-after happiness in a new way.

Author’s Note:

Overall, this was quite the cheesy story, if I do say so myself. I was feeling like a hopeless romantic and my sweets infatuation was off the charts, thus leading to this end product.

Until next time 🙂



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