Strolling Down A Blurred Expanse

Clutching tightly at the handle of the umbrella, he tread down that busy sidewalk, shouldering every opposite passerby.

His clothes were soaked with the pouring rain, but pressing forward nevertheless, he continued towards a destination he longed to reach.

Inconspicuously lowering the globe of the umbrella, he intentionally hoped to avoid eye contact during this dreary instant.

The bustling sounds of the city assaulted his ear drums no matter which corner he turned, no matter how far he walked. The monotonous steps of civilians dragged on boringly as the hour struck closer to supper time. Somewhere, someone was eagerly awaiting the return of their work-ridden partners.

But not him; he expected no one to come home to and no one to come home to him.

Clenching his teeth as he waited at that crowded bus stop, his thoughts again flew to that one person once more.

“If only I’d stopped her back then…”

However he resented it, the fault lay with him alone. The blame fell to none other than himself for it was solely him that refused to move on from that instant everything seemed to crumble and collapse.

A familiar engine exhaust sounded in the distance. There was no mistake.

His shelter from the rain was fast approaching. Closing his umbrella reflexively, he basked in the showering droplets for a minutes’ time until the automobile had come to a stop in front of the small post.

Climbing the small set of stairs into the city vehicle, he made his way to the farthest most possibly secluded seat available. His umbrella dripped continuously, in an erratic fashion. The constant irregularity of the bus’ movement was settling as it was unsettling.

His body melted into the cheap fabrics that was the cushioned seat but his mind remained at unease. His thoughts still resounding her face, her touch, her voice, her name…


He exhaled, as if the name itself was a weight over his own heart. The memories of her would not stop flowing into him.

But she was gone.

And no amount of wallowing would ever fill the gaping space she once fit in.

He pressed his face against the cool surface of the window, allowing himself to indulge in a refreshing sensation, even if only for a moment.

Pulling back and looking now at the reflective glass, he saw himself.

His eyes were clouded behind dripping strands of hair and glasses misted by stray beads of rain.

Taking off his spectacles, he closed his eyes and mechanically wiped his lens’ to no avail. There wasn’t an inch of cloth on his body that could clear his vision.

Sighing in disappointment he replaced the spectacles on the bridge of his nose, attempting to adjust and make best of his blurred vision.

Descending those steps once more, he quit the bus and walked down that nostalgic parkway path towards their apartment.

His steps were heavy and his socks uncomfortably clung to his toes. His body felt weak as he neared the centre piece of attraction: the fountain.

Perching himself precariously upon the rim, he again closed his umbrella in spite of the now heavier downpour.

He looked up towards the darkly gray clouds in the sky and somehow imagined that right past them lied a vermilion colored sunset.

His mouth quivered slightly as he continued to gaze up into the obstructed heavens, partly remembering her golden flowing hair, partly remembering her melodic voice when she called out her name.

Looking up directly at the sky, through muddled lenses. He wept silently, mourning the loss of his beloved. The eyes that had been itching the entire time finally gave in to the overwhelming emotion and gave way to waterworks.


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