Perhaps…Could It Be That Just Maybe..?

Perhaps pondering too much in one spot is unhealthy.

I’d begun to question the majority of my internal monologues for quite some time now,

And yet I’ve never truly dismissed any of my debates as invalid — Maybe I’m my own self-believer, maybe not.

(This isn’t particularly true, but I’d like to believe I have complete trust in my word, and my word-alone)

What has taken me off guard, on many occasions at that,

were the instances in which I had observed that human beings tended to lean towards their own conclusions without concisive evidence — Ah, but I suppose you already knew that, my apologies.

I don’t remember when or how I first became conscious of this ‘being’ that was myself.

I do, recall quite clearly however, the moment that I was first intrigued by the many mechanisms of the ever-ambiguous entity that was ‘life’

To this a cynic might retort:

‘And you JUST realized that we were living?’

But the simple reply to that condescending outburst could only be:

‘Yes, yes I did.’

And as you now begin to wonder as to what purpose this rant is about…

Well I’m resigned to say that this is actually for naught since this is merely speculation.

Life…may have more to offer if we humble ourselves to its possibilities.

This is a statement that, I found, resonated deeply within me for some intangible reason.

Perhaps it is too much to stand in place and think about.

But I can say that whenever I reach the end of that train of thought,

I’ll be raring to go, ready to challenge the unknown that is before me.


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