Filial Piety : Something of the past?

I recently read a manga and, don’t get me wrong, but it made me question my principles more-so than I have in awhile when reading/watching entertainment articles. The manga originally captured my interest because it was the basic love story with the tragic twist of terminal illness — but at least there was an ending, albeit kind of wishy-washy.

Anyhow, the main point of this rant is to focus your attention to the term that they mentioned: “filial piety”. Now, this term captures a lot of different meanings, interpretations and feelings…because that’s just exactly what it is: a subjective term. From my fairly literal standpoint, I take it means ‘duty to thy own parents.’

I want to say recently, but this happened almost more than a month ago. It was brought to my attention that not everyone believes that their biological parents are their *true parental figures. I guess what I want to say is that some tend to think that their mothers are in fact not motherly figures, similarly to how some might not always associate shelters with the term ‘home’. It basically all boils down to perspective I suppose.

Going back to my point: parents aren’t always seen as parental figures. Okay. This strikes a very hard chord with me in the most terrible sense. Just to give a small insight into my values, I essentially consider that phrase to be high treason. I would go to dangerous lengths to ‘correct’ people from this way of thinking because I strongly believe that the people who brought me into this world and have raised me since are model figures whom I should have the utmost respect and love for. Of course, one person’s perspective is usually almost never the only way to see something and for that — I am biased. But bear with me, I’m not done just yet.

So, now I approach the subject of children, in particular, and how they see their parents. They, who have been born to this world, into the very lives they cherish unconsciously with every fibre and breathing cell in their body. They, for whatever reason, be it neglect, difference in opinions/values or what have you, may view their parents as simply adult figures that do not nurture them with tender familial love. No, instead they are merely seen as adults that only serve to feed, clothe, and shelter them, yes?

Now, I might be jumping the gun, but this can’t be right. Not on any level. Okay, if I consider the case of a child who has been excessively abused, ignored, or abandoned in their lifetime, I can say that I understand if they might not feel an ounce of filial piety or let alone basic human respect. But I’m not looking at those types of cases.

No, I’m looking dead straight into the eyes of children who have been blessed with *normal lives. Those, who have been honoured with being born into families that have looked at them, since birth, with eyes that beam with love, joy, pride, and simple happiness. Those who have someone around them, so that they are not alone. Those who have someone that will care enough to check up on them even for the most trivial cases. Those who will have someone grilling them for some of the smallest things because they are afraid that you’ll get hurt in some way due to your naïveté. Those who have people that will love them unconditionally no matter what rocky paths they might have or have to endure. I simply cannot understand why children, blessed with such goodness, could ever find it in themselves to turn their backs on their loved ones and consider them nothing more than: “Someone with my blood and DNA.”

I only have one question for the future generation:

How would you like be viewed like that, from your own kin, from your own son/daughter?

Would my heart break? Yes, it sure as hell would. That’s why I cannot even falter when I hear the words ‘filial piety’. I owe so much to my parents and family. So much that even I might not ever become fully aware of all they have blessed me with. I can only say, shame on those who waste their time denying those who’ve done so much for us.

And I too regret that at times, I waver back and forth and hurt those around me in the process — when what I ought to do at every waking breath of my being is cherish them for what they are: my one and only family.


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