Turbulent Thoughts

Staggering. Walking aimlessly without real conviction. There’s a sense of total defeat and an overwhelming desire to just flip a switch and not care anymore. 

Looking forward, all she can see is a menacing darkness that looms at the edges of the uneven ground she walks upon. Looking over her shoulder, shapes and pathways are hideously disfigured. Unsettling to watch as it contorts in suspended space, but also undeniably enchanting in a frightening way.

Everything inside her head is screaming from all directions. Her judgment sways back and forth between understanding and flabbergasted confusion.

She slaps both hands to her temple and tries to soothe the throbbing pain that spikes every now and then. For a few brief moments of reprieve, when everything is quiet and seems to make sense — she spends her time absorbing the undistorted scenery and counts her stars for temporary peace of mind.

Slammed once more by the torrent of thoughts that slowly eat away at her sanity, she finally pleads: “Help me…”

But no one responds.

Confirming her already lacking faith in humanity, she firmly presses her lips together and trods along the path she has set out on. Her face is weary but her eyes twinkle with a determination that never truly dies in true veterans of war.

Her knees feel weak and her shoulders sag for a moment. Still, she straightens once more and carries on because these are the cards she’s been dealt.

Even though there’s little chance she’ll ever catch a break, she eagerly looks towards the setting sun…hoping for a tomorrow better than today.


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