Filial Piety : Something of the past?

Posted: December 7, 2014 in Pensive

I recently read a manga and, don’t get me wrong, but it made me question my principles more-so than I have in awhile when reading/watching entertainment articles. The manga originally captured my interest because it was the basic love story with the tragic twist of terminal illness — but at least there was an ending, albeit kind of wishy-washy.
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Posted: December 31, 2012 in Literary work

Why am I exactly resigning myself to waiting out here?

It’s the middle of the night and it’s not an exaggeration to say that my toes are fairly frozen at this point. As I exhaled, a thick fog of air formulated momentarily before me –Yep, it’s cold out here.

I wandered around slightly from the “agreed place” and laid my body to rest against a lamp post. On this lonely street, there were nothing but a few merchant stores that had closed up a long time ago and the odd pay phone booth that sat in between a bus stop sign and the post I was currently occupying.

I think she said that we’d meet at this time and at this place. However when in such situations, you begin to go back on even the simplest of certainties. So was she even going to show up? I couldn’t tell you that I was confident that she would.

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P.O.V: Survivor

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Literary work
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He slowly drew the rapier from his scabbard, calculating the enemy’s movements — watching for that one moment — Ah! An opening. As he fully swung his body to his left, the momentum surged through his arm and he quickly dispatched a brilliant flash of silver horizontally, right across his opponents’ chest.

Feeling the extended but definite slice of metal against bone, his inner-self cringed in response for but a second. The next fleeting moment he had withdrawn his arm from the trajectory of his first slash and readied his body for the finishing blow. Digging his right foot into the ground, he spun counter-clockwise and used the hesitation of his opponent to deliver another deep blow to the chest again.

Faltering after the two hits, the enemy recoiled in response and attempted to initiate defensive procedures.

Adrenaline rushed to the head and in that moment, all that could be seen and heard were the words: “Finish him”.


And with nothing but the fatal cry of a dying man, thus marked another cruel milestone for the young man.
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I could feel it.

That heavy leadened heart beat was slowly pumping against my chest. But this time it felt different…it was erratic and could not be predetermined.

Why was that?

All this time it seemed as though I was lacking something, yet somehow in this very instant, that notion itself had just manifested itself so strongly within me that I felt it hard to breathe.

From the corners of my eyes, I could feel the surging waves of tears begin to emerge…–but why am I crying?

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Perhaps pondering too much in one spot is unhealthy.

I’d begun to question the majority of my internal monologues for quite some time now,

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Clutching tightly at the handle of the umbrella, he tread down that busy sidewalk, shouldering every opposite passerby.

His clothes were soaked with the pouring rain, but pressing forward nevertheless, he continued towards a destination he longed to reach.

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This is just a small explanation to the theme of my short story: “Remembering Sweet Happiness”

Have you ever lost something that you’ve always hoped to get back?

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